Artem Ryskin

Each colored screw – a piece of the reality around us, that constitute real life. Sometimes it’s a bright and colored, sometimes black. The volume in works generated by screwed to different depths screws and symmetrically aligned vertically hats. The paint is applied after the creation of «iron» skeleton. Each work – an attempt to draw a parallel between life and its aspects, to learn something new or revise current experience.

Exhibition Experiences

2017  Concept-Market, GIPSY, Moscow, Russia

2017  Personal exposition, LOFT Lounge Cafe, Izhevsk, Russia2017  Personal exposition, LOFT Lounge Cafe, Izhevsk, Russia

2017  Art Revolution, Taipei, finalist

2016 «Spirit of Art» visual attractions, Anglican Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

2016 «Soulful week’nd» group show, Soulful Loft, Moscow, Russia

2016 «Сolor Kaleidoscope» group show, Vincent Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016 «MANSARD» visual attractions, Samotekaloft, Moscow, Russia