Tommaso Buldini

Tommaso Buldini, Bologna, 5-8-1979.

He has started his career as graphic designer and character animator working for clients like Coop, Basf and Philips; in 2017 he has begun his artistic walk, smiling everyday. His,…mine walk has begun like an unspected flashbolt, now art is my job, working as a painter, animating my monsters for videoclips and for Nonna Sime, a French Teatrical company leaded by Silvia Malagugini, ex collegue of the Nobel Prize Dario Fo’.

Smiling everyday.




I try to abandon rationality by venturing through the antipodes of my intellect. Every piece of my subconscious, superficial or deep, needs to express itself. Through this coeval representation of disconnected fragments I try to speak a dreamlike language drifting through the darkness of the night, where the unbelievable and the unacceptable become plausible.

Each character I represent becomes the gear of an irrational machine that works in a deep dimension and emerges to trace a path that leads to self-awareness. I speak of the traumatic consequences of the imperceptible, which grows inside and loses identity becoming an inextricable part of who we are. I use bright colors and elements of childhood such as toys, soldiers, knights, demons and monsters. These icons, as time goes by, become a contradictory state of mind.


Solo exhibitions

2018 // Scope Basel 2018, Rizomi Arte

2018 // Y.i.a. Art Fair 2018, Rizomi Arte

2018 // Setup Art Fair 2018, Rizomi Arte

2019 // DDessin Paris, With Simone Pellegrini Paris

2019 // Worm – Slash Gallery, Rotterdam

2019 // Art Verona, With Zinelli Verona

2020 // Outsider Art Fair, Rizomi Arte
New York

2020 // DDessin Paris, Rizomi Arte

Collective exhibitions

2017 // Vulgar, Heads and Honey, Apricale’s Castle
Apricale (IM)

2018 // Darksiders, Aprestadora Gallery Barcelona

2018 // Collective exhibition at Lokarjeva Galerija Ajdovščina (Slo)

2018 // Collective exhibition at Hernandez Gallery

2018 // Hey! Art Magazine show, Arts Factrory

2020 // Visioni parallele Museo di Viadana Paris


2018 // Four of my paintings were pubblished by the Parisian magazine Hey! (, a Magazine focused on Pop Art, Lowbrow and Art Brut.
Interview by Anne de Hey

2018 // Hey! Magazine also pubblished me in his Art Book Deluxe, 300 pages of Pop Art. Interview by Anne de Hey

La Tranchée Racine

A graphic periodic managed by Stephane Blanquet and distri- buted at Halle Saint Pierre Museum, Paris.

Banzai edition
An artbook directed by Valentin Courtine and Marie Robert

2020 // Morti sepolti su pianeti lontani, Circolo Quadro

2021 // I Giovani non hanno più, with Laurina Paperina ad Daniel Johnston
Martina Contemporanea Milan

2021 // I Giovani non hanno più, with Laurina Paperina ad Daniel Johnston

2021 // Scope Art Show, Rizomi